bitcoin mining tools

Here is a List of Bitcoin Mining Tools, Let’s Make Money Now!

TeknoAntero – Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that is becoming an investment asset that is very popular in different parts of the world. There are many ways to get Bitcoin, one of which is mining. Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining or commonly known as bitcoin mining is the process of creating new coins and also validating them for crypto transactions. This mining activity requires a bitcoin mining tool.

Then what tools are needed to become a miner or bitcoin miner? There are special tools used for mining. However, they are expensive and require a lot of electricity.

To overcome this, many miners use the following basic computing tools. You can also understand how to create your own bitcoin mining tool using the following computer equipment.


  1. Graphics card

The most popular tool used by Bitcoin crypto miners is a graphics card. The most used brand is Geforce by Nvidia like the RTX 2060 series for mining activities.


  1. Processor

The processor is very helpful to increase mining speed. The recommended processor uses the new generation of the Intel i5 to i7 series.


  1. Hard drives

The hard drive is used to run the operating system and store data as it takes up a lot of space in the blockchain storage.


  1. Memory

RAM is not the main component in crypto mining, but it should be your consideration. The function of RAM is to run the operating system and mining programs (mining). The larger the memory, the higher the speed.


  1. Motherboards

In a computer, the motherboard offers the best layout as all the important elements of the computer, like the central processing unit (CPU), the system memory (RAM) and even the graphics card, are embedded in the motherboard.


  1. Power supply

The bitcoin mining process consumes quite a bit of electricity. During the mining process, you can provide additional power via the power supply.


  1. Cooler

Also prepare a fan to keep the device and computer cool and not overheat.

If you want to make crypto mining easy and simple, you can use a Bitcoin mining PC with a high spec laptop. High spec laptops are usually found on gaming laptops. With a gaming laptop, there are usually several components that can be used as bitcoin mining tools.