Free Internet Using VPN

How to Free Internet Using VPN on the Latest Android 2023

In an increasingly informative era like now, everyone now really needs unlimited internet access. Why? First, because the internet is no longer seen as a means of ‘say hi’, but has expanded to the world of business and the exchange of important information. Well, one way to get free internet access is through a VPN. That’s why many people are looking for a free internet way using a VPN on the latest Android 2022. This VPN can be the best free internet option because it is very easy to apply. Well below you can find some free internet ways using a VPN on the latest Android, happy listening.


Free Internet Using VPN on Latest Android 2023

Compared to other free internet techniques such as http injectors or custom apks, VPNs are more widely used because they are simpler to manage. Many people are looking for a free internet way using VPN The latest Android 2022 because VPN promises unlimited and free internet access, of course. There are two ways to use a VPN for free internet, namely through the phone settings and through the application. So, for more details, please check below:

  • Using VPN Through Mobile

  1. Enter the menu and search for ‘settings’.
  2. Go to ‘Other networks’.
  3. Then go to ‘VPN Settings’.
  4. Click on ‘add VPN’ or ‘+’ icon.
  5. After that don’t forget to enter the name of the VPN.
  6. Select PPTP and don’t forget to enter the server address.
  7. After that just click ‘save’.


So that’s how to get free internet using a VPN on the latest Android 2022 via cellphone settings. You must be asking, where should I get my VPN data from? Now you can get free VPN data on several free VPN provider sites, one of which is VPN Book.


  • Using VPN Through Android Apps

Another trick so that you can enjoy free internet is to take advantage of VPN, one of which is DroidVPN, here are the steps:

  1. In order to use this application, your phone must be rooted and the credit/data quota is 0.
  2. First, of course, download the DroidVPN application.
  3. Perform the registration process, enter your username, password & e-mail.
  4. Go to ‘Connection Settings’
  5. Click on ‘Connection Protocol’, then select by you the ‘TCP option’.
  6. Apply ‘HTTP Headers’.
  7. Then click the DroidVPN icon, then select an available connection.
  8. Press ‘Connected’.
  9. If successful, you can surf the virtual world to your heart’s content.


In addition to several ways for free internet using a VPN on the latest Android 2022 above, there are actually many other methods. But the easiest are the methods above, so good luck.