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What Is Crypto Undervalue? Let’s Get To Know the Features | Tekno Antero

Tekno Antero – You must often hear that there is crypto that is undervalued. Actually, what is crypto undervalued and how to recognize it, we will discuss it on this occasion.

It’s true, choosing a crypto asset should not be arbitrary. You have to do in-depth research first. That way we will be able to earn money in the future.

In 2022 there are lots of undervalued cryptos that we can all start buying. What exactly is crypto undervalued? Undervalued crypto is a crypto asset that is being cheaply priced below its true value.

Under Value is below the actual value, actually a product is expensive and has value. However, at certain times, they are traded at very cheap prices. That’s the general picture of undervalue.

Until here, my friend, do you understand?

Even so, not all cheap cryptos are undervalued. So you have to get to know the characteristics first. What are some of the features looking for undervalued cryptos include:


Under Actual Price

The first characteristic is that the current price is below the actual price. This is the most striking feature of an undervalued crypto.

Let’s say the previous bitcoin price was 63,000$ and now it has fallen to 18,000$. So this is included in the characteristics of undervalued crypto.

Then another example of the price of Solana which was above 200$ and is now down by around 30$. This is also included in the undervalued category.

The right time to buy a crypto asset. Actually when the price drops like this. Don’t get me wrong, because many people are fomo and choose to buy crypto when it’s going up high.

However, not all crypto assets that are falling in price or being cheap are undervalued. You should pay attention to some of the other features below.


Prices Have Dropped But The Project Is Still Growing

What is the second characteristic of undervalued crypto is that the price is falling but the crypto asset continues to grow. Growing in terms being carried out or having many other developments.

Here we have to do a little deeper research. Namely on a crypto asset that is cheaper. Even though the price has dropped considerably, if the project continues it can be one of the undervalued characteristics.

For example, the price of BNB or Binance Coin has decreased from around 9 million rupiah to 4 million rupiah. However, the CEO, CZ Binance, continues to build, collaborate in various countries and develop the project.

There are many other examples of cryptos that are now dropping in price but still building. I’ve made a video about some examples of undervalued crypto, you can see here:


Undervalued Crypto Is Crypto That Supply Is Getting Scarce

The third characteristic is that the supply of these crypto assets is starting to become scarce. Usually it has been fully circulated in the market or most of it has been circulating in the market.

An example is bitcoin, where the supply has circulated 19 million coins out of the total supply million coins. This means that most of the supply is already circulating in the market.

If you find crypto that is really cheap. But the supply is not limited, so it won’t become an undervalued crypto.

To find out the amount of the supply. You can visit Then click on a particular crypto asset and see a description of the amount of supply of that crypto asset.


Have a Project With Good Prospects In The Future

I added 1 more feature to make it even more stable. That is, a crypto is said to be undervalued, apart from some of the characteristics above, it has good prospects in the future.

Suppose a crypto asset has a low price, continues to build, supply is scarce, plus the project has good prospects in the future. Then the fix is ​​undervalued crypto that we deserve to buy.

The good prospect in question is a project that will continue to grow. An example is metaverse, or other projects.

Okay buddy, up here first sharing this time what is undervalued crypto Hopefully it can provide benefits and greetings of success.