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Tekno ANtero – One of the steps to be able to make money is to take advantage of the internet. Because on the internet there are many ways to make this happen.

Many people actually want to do business but are often constrained by capital. So try to find a way that is free alias without using capital.

If you want to do this, then forex trading can be a solution. Yes, because forex trading can be done without using any capital at all.

With the no deposit bonus forex program, a trader can trade at all. Without having to make a deposit and the profit generated can be withdrawn to the account.

So, this time we will review one of the forex brokers that provides this no deposit bonus. Please friends see more.


Kaje forex bonus review

We will discuss the Kaje Forex bonus, which is a forex, cfd, gold broker which is currently giving promos to new traders who join.

Kaje is a broker whose address is Trust Company Complex Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island Majuro Marshall Islands, registration number of 96960.

But unfortunately, sourced from WikiFX, this broker does not yet have clear regulations, so it is a little doubtful for the trust of investors. If you know clear regulations regarding this one broker, then you can comment on this article.

Broker Kaje Forex is holding an event for new users with bonus details as follows :

  • The bonus amount is 50$
  • The bonus is a type of no deposit bonus
  • Bonuses are given to newly joined clients
  • Bonuses are given to new clients who have finished verifying their accounts


Furthermore, for friends who have never traded at this broker, you can still get the opportunity to get this $ 50 forex kaje bonus. How to get this bonus include:

  • First, check the bonus page at https://kajeforex.com/50-bonus-campaign
  • Then buddy read more on that page
  • Make sure in advance whether the promo is still available or not
  • Then register an account and verify if you want to get a bonus
  • The bonus period in the description is up to 31 December 2022

Keep in mind, for all the rules in this Kaje Forex bonus can end or change at any time without prior notification.

Then if you manage to get the bonus, then you can trade first. The bonus balance itself cannot be withdrawn, but the profit generated can be withdrawn as long as it fulfills the conditions provided. The withdrawal conditions include:

  • Must trade at least 1 standard lot
  • Minimum must get a profit of 100 $ (if it doesn’t reach, then you can’t submit a withdrawal)
  • To make a withdrawal, you must complete KYC
  • Then verify the bank account with a 50$ deposit
  • Maximum profit withdrawal is 500$

Until here I think it’s clear enough What are the requirements in order to be able to make a withdrawal from this Kaje Forex bonus.


As a note :

In order to withdraw this bonus, it turns out that you have to verify your bank account with a $50 deposit. Before making a deposit, make sure you do your research first about this broker.

Actually there are many brokers who use a system like this. But for Kaje Forex itself, the admin doesn’t have complete data yet, is it really legit or a scam.


Review results:

According to Wikifx, getting a score of 1.4 is due to unclear regulations, but the company’s own address is clearly verified

According to fxtradingrevolution, saying the same thing that this broker is unregulated


This broker bonus is still ongoing and can be obtained. It’s just that to make a withdrawal you have to make a deposit. So make sure you have considered all the risks involved.

Alright buddy, that’s enough for now regarding the Kaje Forex bonus review on this occasion. Hopefully provide benefits and greetings of success.

Disclaimer on!

Tekno ANtero only provides information and tutorials. Not involved at all with financial activities at the Kaje Forex broker. We also do not run an affiliation of related brokers. Make sure you have done your own research, and any consequences that occur will be the responsibility of each.