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Attapoll Application: Answering Free Paypal Dollar Paid Surveys | Tekno ANtero

Tekno Antero – There are lots of unique and interesting ways to make money from the internet. And also starting from coins to millions.

Like the topic that we will discuss this time. Namely making money from the internet by answering survey questions only. Give your opinion on a certain topic to get a free dollar balance.

On this blog, the admin will discuss many types of money-making applications for all of you. One of them is the application to answer surveys and get money, which we will discuss this time.

The Attapoll application is an online survey platform paid for free with paypal dollar balances. Users who want to answer surveys in this application can get additional income.

Before we discuss further, answering a survey is the same as giving an opinion on a particular topic of discussion. You can freely give an assessment as you wish.

Usually will answer a product assessment survey, customer reviews, on a topic and so on.

Attapol itself is a fairly popular moneymaker. Since its release on September 20 2015, this application has received downloads of more than 5 million users.

The huge number of downloads is of course not without reason. First, because this application can be an entertainment, and also as additional income.


How to use the Attapoll application

This time the admin will explain in full how to use the Attapoll application. Starting from how to download, register and make money.

We start from how to download first. The method is quite easy because you only need to download and install it directly through the Google Playstore. download link:

  • Download via Google Playstore at
  • Download the apk version at


After you have finished downloading and installing, you are ready to register and use the application.

The way to register is also quite easy. just open the application and fill in the requested registration data. You can register using your email address and create login access.

After that, all you have to do is log into the Attapoll application and start using it to make money.

How to make money from this application according to the title above. Buddy, you only need to do the survey questions in the application.

Every time you successfully do one survey round, you will get a number of dollar balances. And if you have a lot of dollar balance, you can withdraw it to your paypal account.

Apart from doing surveys, you can also do missions to invite friends. Every time you invite a friend, you will get paid a dollar balance that also enters the balance menu in this application.

How to make withdrawals from this application is quite easy. Make sure the balance has reached 5 $ first and just make a withdrawal to your paypal account.


Is the Attapoll application safe and proven to pay?

Then, what is the application is this safe and proven to pay?

Speaking of withdrawals, Attapoll is a type of moneymaker that has been proven to pay. Many users have succeeded in getting money from this application.

But unfortunately there are drawbacks that make it difficult for users to get money. Namely the survey mission which is sometimes lonely and unavailable.

As a result, users have to wait again the next day for a survey mission to appear and start working on it to get a balance.

So, even though this application is proven to pay, it takes a long time to collect money that is eligible to make a withdrawal.

When it comes to safety or not, is Attapoll safe enough to use? Because it can be played for free and you don’t need any capital at all.

When we use the application there is no risk of losing money at all.

And besides that, Attapoll also explained that they would protect and ensure that our personal data is safe and not misused.

Well, like that This time the information is about a survey application for money called Attapoll. Hopefully this information can provide benefits and greetings of success.