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Crazy Bomb Application: Playing Games Can Get Free Fund Balance | Tekno Antero

Tekno ANtero – Making money from the internet, there are many ways you can do it. One of them is playing a money-making application.

Money-making application is an application platform that provides payment to its users. Namely users who have successfully completed a special mission in the application.

There are many types of missions that can be done. Starting from playing games, doing surveys, answering quizzes, downloading applications, watching videos and many others.

Well, on this occasion the admin will discuss one of these types of applications. This application can make money for its users by playing games, namely the Crazy Bomb application.

The Crazy Bomb application is an application platform that can generate free fund balances for its users by playing games.

The games in this application are quite easy to play. That is, you only need to destroy blocks, cubes and which have the same shape and color.

Well, every level of playing this game, my friend, will get a point prize. Then these points can be exchanged for free funds from the withdrawal menu.

Overview of the Crazy Bomb application, which was released at the end of 2021 yesterday. Running for one year turned out to get a lot of downloads too. Namely, it has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the internet by the end of 2022.


How to Download the Crazy Bomb Application

Then how do you make money from the Crazy Bomb application. Previously, my friend needed to download and install the application first.

For how to download, of course it’s very easy because this application is ready on Google Playstore. Buddy, just open the Google Playstore then search for “Crazy Bomb” then install it on each cellphone.

Then after the installation is complete, you can open the application and immediately play it.

Incidentally for this Crazy Bomb application does not require any registration. You can go straight games and make money.

The advantage is that it is quite safe to use because it does not use any important data. The drawback is that it can only be played on one cellphone, aka it cannot be moved to play on another cellphone.


How To Make Money In The Crazy Bomb App

Okay, friends, now we’re going to see how to make money from this Crazy Bomb application. For the first way to make money according to the title, namely by playing games.

Each game level played will watch a video ad and then get a number of points. So the more often you play the game, the more points you can collect.

Apart from playing games, the application also provides several other missions to be able to generate points. Namely starting from installing applications, watching video advertisements, playing spins, inviting friends and also doing other additional missions.

For missions with the most prizes is to invite friends. When you manage to invite friends, it will be faster to make money from this one application.


Is the Crazy Bomb App Proven to Pay?

Lastly, is the Crazy Bomb application proven to pay or not? And the answer is proven to pay.

For new users, they can also immediately prove withdrawals with direct prizes for new users. Even though the nominal is very small, it can prove whether this application is proven to pay or not.

Even though it is proven to pay, the Crazy Bomb application has several drawbacks. Namely withdrawals other than new user rewards are very expensive and take a long time to accumulate points.

Another drawback of this application is the number of ads that appear too much or too often. So it really annoys someone who is playing games.

In conclusion, though Crazy Bomb is proven to pay. However, the amount of payment generated is small and coins. So it’s only suitable as an entertainment gift, you can’t rely on it source of income.

Alright buddy, that’s the information this time about the Crazy Bomb application. That is one application that can make money by playing games in it. Hopefully this information can provide benefits and greetings of success.