What is Mutual Fund

Getting To Know What Mutual Funds Are From 0 For Beginners | Tekno ANtero

Tekno Antero – For friends who intend to invest, mutual fund investment can be an option. Because this type of investment is perfect for beginners.

To be able to make an investment, you must be able to analyze. Especially choosing the right investment product to make money. This obstacle is often experienced by novice friends who are just getting into the world of investment.

But with this mutual fund investment can be one of the best choices. Because with mutual funds we don’t have to bother choosing investment instruments. We only need to invest and our funds are managed by a professional investment manager.


What is Mutual Fund?

Exactly what is a mutual fund? Mutual funds are investments made by investment managers by collecting public funds. So the funds will be managed by professionals and provide lower risk.

Mutual fund investment is the same as entrusting our funds to a company Where will the funds be processed by them, and we only need to determine the risk profile.

There are several advantages to investing in mutual funds for a beginner, including:

  • Mutual fund investing is easy
  • Mutual fund investment makes it easy without having to choose an investment instrument
  • Mutual fund investment provides lower risk for beginners
  • Mutual fund investment is easy for anyone to do online
  • Mutual fund investment can be done with small capital

With some of the advantages above, anyone can invest without having to be smart, even lay people can.


Profitable Mutual Fund Examples

This time we will discuss more deeply. In Indonesia there are several examples of popular and profitable mutual funds, including the following:


Stock Mutual Funds

The first is Equity Mutual Funds, namely buying mutual fund products which contain stock instruments. This makes it easier for us not to have to worry about choosing our own shares but it is managed by a party This stock is a favorite for investors with a high risk profile. Because the market fluctuation is very high. Can provide greater profits, but with great risks too.

Then what is the difference between Stock Mutual Funds and buying stocks?

It is clearly different, if we buy our own shares it means choosing and making transactions directly on certain stock instruments. For stock mutual funds, we only need to invest in investment managers and they will select stocks for us.

For beginners who don’t understand the world of stocks, but want to invest in stocks. So investing in stock mutual funds is the right choice.


Money Market Mutual Funds

The second type of mutual fund is the Money Market Mutual Fund. This money market mutual fund contains cash which has a slightly higher profit than deposits.

So this money market mutual fund is engaged in capital for savings and loans. This type of mutual fund is very much in demand because the returns are quite stable though the size of a stock mutual fund.

If you want low risk and more stable long-term results then this money market mutual fund is more suitable. Especially if you choose large capital, it will be even more profitable.


Bond mutual funds

Next is Bond Mutual Funds, namely mutual funds that contain government bonds. This type of mutual fund is quite promising because it is guaranteed by the state.

Many large investors dare to buy this type of mutual fund because it is usually safer in terms of funding and also long-term resilience.

And for friends who want results of up to 5 years of investment, then this Bond mutual fund is the right choice.


Mixed Mutual Funds

The next type of profitable mutual fund is Mixed Mutual Fund. In this one mutual fund there will be many types of investments ranging from stocks to bonds.

Using mixed mutual funds is also quite profitable. We just need to provide our risk profile whether it is low or high. And automatically investment will choose each portion in the mixed mutual funds that we buy.


Can Mutual Fund Investment Lose?

Before you take action to invest in mutual funds. You also need to know that there are risks in investing in mutual funds.

Is it possible to invest in mutual funds? Of course you can, because none of the instruments in mutual funds can 100% guarantee future profits.

To overcome this, you can choose a good mutual fund investment for the long term. For example, in the near future you will lose money, you can still wait for the price to rise and make a profit.

So even though investing in mutual funds is quite safe, there are also risks involved. Even though it is smaller than a friend investing directly in the stock market.

Okay, friends, that’s all for the information this time to get to know what mutual fund investment is for a beginner.