7 Ways to Invest in Long Term Crypto

7 Ways to Invest in Long Term Crypto to Become a Billionaire in the Future

You must know how to invest in long-term crypto that is good and right if you want to become rich in the future. In fact, this has been proven by the birth of many billionaires in the world thanks to buying crypto assets a few years ago.

For friends who open this article, we make sure you have an interest in the crypto world. The steps you have taken are correct, but must be done with caution. Because crypto investment is a type of high risk high return investment.

This means that buying a crypto asset has a very high risk of loss. If not done properly, it will only be a waste of your money.

Then, what is a good and correct long-term crypto investment? Let’s see in full.

7 Ways to Invest in Long Term Crypto

There are several important things for friends who want to make long-term crypto investments. So that you can be successful financially in the future. Well, some of these things include the following:


  1. Prepare cold money first

The first thing you should pay attention to is using or preparing cold money. This is very important, given the very high risk of investing in crypto.

Cold money is unspent money, money that is not needed for everyday needs. Or another term is leftover money from the needs we have.

By using cold money, you will not be at risk of being disrupted by your daily finances. In addition, if you get hit by rugpull, you won’t get dizzy because it doesn’t interfere with your daily life.

By using cold money, crypto investment is also more relaxed for the long term. Because we will not rush to sell the asset.


Set aside cold money after meeting all needs. And make sure you have an emergency fund. Only then will the rest of the money be used to buy crypto assets.

Never make a loan to buy a crypto asset. Because there are already many facts out there that actually lose money and have a lot of debt because of debt crypto investment.


  1. Conduct Crypto Asset Research

To be successful in long-term crypto investment, you must do research or DYOR to the fullest. Look for any crypto assets that have long term profit potential.

In conducting this crypto asset research, consider the following points:

  • Get to know the type of crypto asset, and whether it has the potential to explode in the future or not
  • Get to know who is behind the crypto asset or who is the developer, because choosing a trusted crypto developer is very important
  • Get to know all the projects that related crypto developers want to do.
  • Study the supply of crypto assets and tokenmics
  • Study the roadmap and whitepaper
  • Search and collect fundamental news related to the crypto asset you want to buy


With some of the points above will help you find good potential crypto assets to make long-term investments.

I myself have made a video on how to research crypto assets. You can see here there are several crypto coins that I think are suitable for long term investment. You can watch the video here:


  1. Don’t be Fomo

In doing research or selecting crypto assets, don’t just do it because of FOMO. This is what makes many people fail in investing in crypto.

Fomo crypto is the act of someone rushing to buy a crypto asset just because of good news from marketers. So, people who are fomo usually fall for sweet promises when buying crypto without doing clear research.

In doing research, you should be able to distinguish between really good cryptos. And you have to avoid crypto, which is only made up of fomo by marketing, even with an unreasonable price increase target.

People who are easily exposed to fomo are also prone to fraud. The point is don’t easily believe sweet news or sweet promises of any crypto asset. But do some research and study these crypto assets independently.


  1. Using Technique Dollar Cost Averaging

Friends find potential crypto assets for the long term, then you can start making purchases. A good technique for buying crypto assets is using Dollar Cost Averaging, also known as the DCA technique.

DCA is buying crypto periodically, especially when the price is on the decline. Buddy will get a cheaper price to buy again and again repeatedly.

Undervalued cryptos are great to buy with DCA techniques. That is good crypto, but instead the price is dropping. To find this type of crypto, of course, you have to do in-depth research, as we have mentioned in the second point above.


  1. Don’t Just Buy One Crypto Asset

Another long-term crypto investment tip is don’t just buy one crypto asset, or in other words, don’t go all in on one coin.

Many people fail in crypto investing because they put their money in one basket. Just buy one crypto asset that is think good.

Even though there is no guarantee at all that these crypto assets can increase in the future. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose some of the crypto asset ammunition you want to buy.

Some important tips in this point are:

  • Choose 3 to 5 crypto assets
  • Choose crypto assets from different developers. Because if you only buy from one developer and the developer is a rug pull, then all the assets underneath can be affected.
  • Choose the type of crypto with different projects and categories. Because in the future when one category fails, all assets of the same type are also affected.


  1. Don’t Get FUD Easily

After you have bought crypto assets, don’t be easily exposed to FUD. FUD crypto is bad news that is intentionally spread to drop the price of a crypto asset. Where there are many people who want to buy at a lower price.

Victims of FUD usually regret it, because they sell in a hurry and later the price turns out to be far away expensive. Therefore, do not rush to sell crypto assets when there is bad news. Do some in-depth research first so you don’t regret selling these crypto assets.


  1. If you can’t hold you won’t be rich

There is a very popular phrase from CZ Binance, namely “If you can’t hold you won’t be rich”. Which means if you can’t afford to hold crypto assets long term then you won’t get rich.

So, to be successful in long term crypto investment. So you have to be able to hold or hold and store these crypto assets for a long time.

How long is the target to hold the crypto asset? When it comes to target issues, of course they are different, but if you pay attention to the ups and downs of crypto prices. There is such a thing as a 4 year cycle, where the lowest and highest price in 4 years will be formed. This is where you need to find the right moment to follow the cycle.


So, those were some ways and tips for long-term crypto investment you need to know. Hopefully this information can provide benefits and greetings of success from admin.